Welcome to the British Columbia Girls Choir

We invite you to enter the wonderful world of choral singing as a member of our extraordinary all girls organization.

AUDITIONS - are now being scheduled for our 2014 - 2015 season.

The British Columbia Girls Choir offers a number of auditioned and non-auditioned choir levels for singers ages six to young adult. The girls come together every week from all regions of the Lower Mainland; they develop their love for the art of singing, their talent and poise, and a sense of team spirit in a friendly and supportive environment.

Each singer will be introduced to choral music of lasting quality, taught by highly experienced music educators and will perform in the Choir's regular concert series. Additional opportunities include festivals, weekend rehearsal camps, recording, Community Outreach events and tours.

The choirs have received local, provincial and national awards for their performances. Check out our list of accomplishments.

  • "My advice to young people who want to find happiness now and in the future is... sing in a choir like the BC Girls Choir. You'll find music, poetry, languages, feelings, tolerance and understanding, friendship, world cultures and history, teamwork, poise, confidence, stage presence and so much more. It will enrich your life now and for many years to come." Jon Washburn, CM

  • "I attended the concert on behalf of the BC Lupus Society. I was so impressed with the quality of the choir and of the dedication of both the choir members and the support staff. We at BC Lupus feel privileged to have the Girls Choir sing on our behalf, and want to thank your organization again for its generosity and spirit." Kathleen Mason, Secretary BC Lupus Society

  • "(I) just heard your choir's version of my song 'Frobisher Bay' on You Tube...wanted to let you know that I have heard many versions of this song...and as the composer I'm honoured by the beautiful job your group did! Bravo!" James Gordon, composer



  • "When I first came to BC Girls Choir, I was a shy, scared little girl, who was too afraid to share her voice with anyone. After six years with this amazing group, I can sing with confidence and I know I'll never forget the amazing trips and the wonderful friends that I've met along the way." Jessica Cumming, alumni singer


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