What commitment is expected?

Time commitment:
We ask all new choristers to make a one-year commitment and we expect full attendance at all rehearsals and concerts. Attendance and commitment are essential to maintain the standard of excellence for which we are known. Think of the British Columbia Girls Choir as you would a rep or high-level sports team; every member plays an integral part in the success of the whole team! A calendar is issued in September for the entire year so that families may plan ahead.

Volunteering commitment:
We rely on our families for their volunteer help throughout each season. Each family is required to volunteer as a rehearsal chaperone for a minimum of two rehearsals. Dates may be chosen by the families. Additional volunteer positions are available for concerts, camps, committees and more. BCGC cannot operate without the help of volunteers. We encourage all families to get involved!

Fundraising commitment:
The British Columbia Girls Choir Board of Directors and staff work hard to ensure the viability and sustainability of our organization. Program fees cover approximately 65% of our budget needs. The remaining funding comes from government grants, sponsorships and the annual fundraising campaign. Fundraising projects will be determined early in the fall of each new season, and all families are asked to take part. Additional fundraising for the Tour Choir is made available to offset the cost of touring and participation is optional.