Does my daughter need to audition for your choir?

Yes, we are an ‘auditioned’ choir. At the audition (we call it a ‘vocal assessment’ for the youngest girls), we will make sure that your daughter’s voice is healthy and has the potential to grow. Auditions take 30 to 45 minutes overall, including:

  • an information session for parents,
  • a written ‘musical knowledge’ sheet for older singers,
  • the actual vocal audition. Parents may watch the audition, if this will help the singer feel more comfortable.

Typically, singers and parents know the outcome and placement the day of the audition, or within two business days at most. Singer placement and advancement is the sole discretion of the directors. Your audition information documents will outline the process in detail.

Our next audition date is September 12th, 2020. Reach us through our contact page, if you are interested.

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