Why do you have so many choir levels?

Our age-related graduated system of choir levels provides each singer with the opportunity to feel comfortable in rehearsal, to be challenged, to learn new ideas and yet not feel overwhelmed. Occasionally, due to a singer’s skill and level of musical experience, she may be placed in a choir level that is outside the grade guidelines listed below. Singer placement and advancement is the sole discretion of the director.

Vox Angelica (Junior Level I), Grades 1 – 3

  • A great place to start! Our beginner choir learns the foundations of musical literacy, good vocal technique, and how to follow a conductor through movement and musical games.

Seraphim (Junior Level II), Grades 4 & 5

  • The second level of our Training Choirs is Seraphim. The girls start their camp experience and continue to develop musical skills through vocal exercises, songs in two parts and musical literacy games. Girls in this level should be able to match pitch consistently in order to advance.

Arietta (Junior Level III), Grades 6 & up

  • The third level of our Training Choirs is Arietta. The girls attend camp and are given more intensive training with the senior choir. There is a possibility of short mini-tours to prepare the girls for International travel. This is also the perfect level for high school-aged girls who have not yet had choral experience and need to build skills.

Please Note: The Seraphim and Arietta levels have been combined for the 2021 - 2022 season. They are called - Serietta

Bella Voce Tour Choir (Senior Level I) Grades 8 – 12

  • This choir is for girls who are musically ready for challenging repertoire, extensive touring and international competitions. Singer attributes include: an ability to focus for long rehearsals; a willingness to study the music in between rehearsals; a keen desire to work towards excellence; being a team player and a gracious ambassador for Canada when we travel.

Allegria Chamber Choir (Senior Level II)

  • Singers in Allegria Chamber Choir must also be members in good standing of Bella Voce. This smaller, subset group learns additional music and has at least one or more extra performances each season. These singers must be self-motivated, vocally experienced, and they typically read music well and/or study an instrument other than voice. Admission by audition or invitation of the director.

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