Does my daughter need previous vocal training in order to join?

If she is in Grades 1 to 7, she does not need any previous, formal vocal training to belong to our choir. We will provide your daughter with all the information and training she needs to become a confident singer.

VOX ANGELICA for grades 1-3: We teach singers everything they need to know to participate - no previous experience required! All we ask is for our singers to try their best and enjoy learning.

SERIETTA for grades 4-7: By grade 4, singers should be matching pitch consistently in order to advance further. These intermediate choir members are preparing for advancement to our senior and touring choir in grade 8. N.B.: If a singer comes to us in grade 7 with little or no experience, no problem! She may stay in our intermediate choir until she is comfortable and musically ready to advance.

BELLA VOCE for grades 8-12: previous choral and/or instrumental experience is essential. This is because the music becomes more complicated, with up to 8-part harmony, complex rhythms and vocal challenges. 

If your daughter has choral and/or instrumental experience, we want to hear from her! If she has had little or no experience, let's talk - we probably have a place for her to learn! The most important thing is that your daughter has an enthusiasm for learning to sing beautifully with other girls. Her love for music will be nourished and she will have many chances to perform.